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Responsibilities and Authority of the Union Delegates

  1. To ensure that the Collective Agreement is respected, within the group of employees that he or she represents.

  2. To encourage newly hired personnel to join the Union.

  3. To inform the group that he or she represents of the decisions made by the Union Council, and to defend in the Union Council the viewpoint(s) proposed by the unionized people in the group that he or she represents.

  4. To encourage the people in the group that he or she represents to attend all General Meetings, regardless of the prescriptions set out in Article 21.

Delegate Contacts

EV Building contacts

Arlene Zimmerman ext. 3125

Sarah Loubiri ext. 2031


FG Building contact

Sheri Bernier ext. 2029


GM Building contact

Cristina Barbu ext. 5615

Daniela Ferrer ext. 4986

FB Building contact

Jose Medeiros ext. 2643

Sandra Woywood-Page ext. 2300

Jill Kinaschuck ext. 2310


Hall Building contacts

Bo Kim ext. 7327

Jennifer Srey ext. 2051

Michel Erkic ext. 4906





LB Building contacts

Stuart O’Driscoll ext. 3483

Helene Medeiros ext. 2435

MB Building contact

Christabell Moyo ext. 2982

Donna Fasciano ext. 2530

Larissa Dutil ext. 4750

Annexes contacts

David Babcock ext. 4141

Loyola Campus contacts

Vidya Khan ext. 3702

Karen Holder ext. 2223

Andrea Jakob ext. 2054

Jennifer Muir  ext. 2080

Jennifer Sachs ext. 3356




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